PrevientMD is the story of ordinary circumstances involving extraordinary people, unsatisfied with the status quo and looking to inspire change.

Paul Epstein had been a successful, serial entrepreneur who was experiencing a deadly challenge to his health in the form of a condition that seemingly defied resolution.

Dr. Kenneth Janson had been a prominent physician for decades, but he was experiencing dissatisfaction with the way his profession practiced medicine.

When these two visionaries met, a revolutionary idea was born.

After years of heart problems and being failed time and again by misdiagnosis and outdated perspectives, limited diagnostic testing, Paul knew there had to be a better way to restore his health. Frustrated with the prescription drug roulette wheel, he proactively sought to find his own answers. After finding a physician that gave him science based solutions from the perspective of hormone balance, Paul began to feel better for the first time in years. In sharing his story with others, he realized many others are struggling (unnecessarily!) with heath and healthcare not meeting their needs. He saw himself connecting consumers with physicians who were specialists in preventive medicine, and who were focused on advanced diagnostics, fitness, nutrition, hormone balance, stress management and supplementation.

At one point, Dr. Janson, like many other physicians, knew how to deal with cancer, with kidney stones, and all sorts of catastrophic difficulties. But he never had been trained in Medical School about how to prevent these and other medical conditions, though he certainly knew many of these health issues were preventable. Dr. Janson realized that the challenges we face, as both healthcare consumers and as providers, are related to a variety of issues: the innate shortcomings of our healthcare system, physicians who are not trained in preventive medicine, nor do they have the time to practice it; coupled with the apathy of many who would rather take a pill than improve their lifestyle. Those who are dissatisfied with the pill being the only option need a voice in the healthcare system.

The answer was PrevientMD and its approach to wellness - Health Optimization Medicine. Together, Paul and Dr. Janson made a decision to join forces, to provide solutions for both patients and physicians, so they can begin feeling hope again about our healthcare system. That’s how PrevientMD got its start. Then they set about recruiting a specialized team, people who truly shared their vision and their passion, for this life-changing mission with a focus on you, the patient.

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