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Years ago American Express said 'membership has its privileges.' We couldn't agree more. PrevientMD’s MyHealthEngage membership offers you free access to tools, services, content, products, connections and more, to get healthy and to stay healthy.

Our philosophy is based on self-directed care that is personalized and science evidence-based.

We offer you a healthcare process that starts with a free, specialized health risk assessment.

We’ve also taken the time to provide you with dynamic and advanced diagnostic tools, some of which may be covered by your insurance. In cases where it is not, we've negotiated extremely aggressive and economical pricing that will more than delight your wallet.


We have our own unique terminology to describe what we offer --- Health Optimization Medicine. We combine the best of all evidence-based, preventive medicine to give you a wide range of choices. Our specially trained Physicians then create an advanced and personalized plan to improve your health. Our physicians use low cost, leading edge diagnostics to help you reduce your risk factors for chronic disease.

We provide you with the most advanced and modern Healthcare tools and services to help you manage optimizing your health. Our focus is you. With Health Optimization Medicine, you are at the center of care.


The cornerstone of our personalized program is "The Health Six Experience," and focuses on the six pillars of wellness. These six pillars are the foundation of Health Optimization Medicine.

1. Ongoing Advanced Diagnostics
2. Daily Fitness
3. Healthy Nutrition
4. Hormone Balancing
5. Stress Control
6. Physician Recommended Supplements
We designed The Health Six Experience to simplify your day to day care. We offer you free access to educational tools by some of the most knowledgeable Health Optimization Physicians and healthcare practitioners.

As you gain knowledge of the true meaning of Health Optimization Medicine and The Health Six Experience, we help you design a custom plan based on your personalized health evaluation.

We then "partner” with you in this whole new approach to health and wellness.


While your membership provides you with many free, self-directed services, we also offer a ‘physician membership plan.’We offer an economical monthly membership fee with many benefits. Your complete plan includes ongoing visits, 24/7 access to our clinician network and deep discounts for labs, meds, and other services. There are no co-pays or high deductibles. Our services are proven to keep you healthy thus reducing your healthcare costs.

PrevientMD Physician Membership Plan

PrevientMD developed a benefits program designed to be a standard of excellence in Health Optimization Medicine that delivers an impeccable lifelong optimal health experience.

  • Comprehensive Care - No-rush, thorough physician visits — 4 times annually, plus ongoing consults as needed
  • Special Member Discounts – Low cost for evaluations, labs, medicines, supplements, diagnostic tests
  • Health Six Plan - Personalized strategies in advanced diagnostics, fitness, nutrition, hormone balancing, stress management, supplements
  • Anytime Access - Clinicians available in person, phone, Skype, or email
  • Clinician Assist - PrevientMD client service relationship management support
  • Personalized Digital Health Services – 24/7 online access to extensive care services
  • Social Networking - Connections to member to member, member to physician
  • Coach Desk Support – Monthly program consults, fitness routines, nutrition plans, stress management techniques, supplement recommendations
  • Online Billing Services - Easy, private, secure payment processing, records management
  • Personalized Client Service - help desk for easy ordering, appointment scheduling
  • Medical Records Storage – securely keeps track of your health information, compares results


As CEO of PrevientMD and MyHealthEngage, I can personally attest to the high level of care we deliver. WHY? Because as a patient of the medicine and care we deliver, it has sustained me for the last five years, helping me to maintain an above average healthier lifestyle to keep my heart disease under control.

It is the MAIN reason why I started PrevientMD: to give people like you, who are searching for answers, a roadmap to the right path to health and wellness.

Our team is ready to help you experience this unique kind of healthcare. Lastly, your voice matters – so please feel free to write me at the email address below.

Paul Epstein
PrevientMD, LLC
MyHealthEngage, LLC
PS: Your New Health Chapter begins here — so start
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evaluation of your personal needs. Release your full
health potential! Sign up today and start rewriting your
health story. For a FREE consultation complete the
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