PrevientMD Health 6 Plan Partly Affirmed By Longterm Study

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Results from two longterm studies, comparing lifestyle factors to length of life, were evaluated by researchers, writing in the journal Circulation, who found that a regimen of vigorous physical activity combined with a high quality diet were two key factors determining how long a person lives.
Study one, known as the Nurses' Health Study, and study two, the Health Professionals Follow-Up, involved 34 years of follow-up evaluation of tens of thousands of patients. By taking data from these studies and extracting from it findings using 5 low-risk lifestyle factors--physical exercise, a quality diet, a lower body mass index, moderate alcohol intake, and not smoking---the research team found that adhering to these five lifestyle elements lengthened life by an average of 14 years among women and 12 years among men. 
The vigorous exercise and dietary factors (think Mediterranean Diet) are two of the components of the PrevientMD Health 6 Plan for wellness, which also includes advanced diagnostic testing, stress management, targeted supplements, and hormone optimization. Together, a synergy of optimal wellness and enhanced longevity is created by all six components acting together. 
We feel confident that future study evidence will further affirm these recent findings, to include the Health 6 components beyond the role of exercise and diet. 
"Impact of Healthy Lifestyle Factors on LIfe Expectancies in the US Population." Li Y. Et al. Circulation. April 2018. 
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