Women Improve Cognitive Function with Hormone Therapy

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With the right doseage and combination of hormones, a clinical trial has demonstrated that hormone replacement slows cognitive decline in postmenopausal women.
Women in the study group were given estradiol gel, plus an oral micronized progesterone, and over a two year period, their results on cognitive tests were compared to a control group of women who were given placebos.
Three evaluation criteria were used in the cognitive tests to assess clarity of mind and memory.
Much higher cognition was measured in two of the three criteria used with the hormone replacement group. 
Though larger clinical trials are necessary to confirm these findings, the results do indicate that postmenopausal women either experiencing cognitive decline, or concerned about their risk of cognitive decline, might be well served to use this hormone replacement therapy combination. 
"Menopausal hormone therapy and mild cognitive impairment: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial." Yoon BK, Et al. Menopause. 2018. 
Posted in Brain Health on August 23 at 08:27 AM

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