Sexual Vitality Rejuvenated by Hormone Therapy

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A team of five scientists writing in the science journal, Maturitas, described how they recruited 2,181 women, 60 to 70 years of age, and divided them into two groups—hormone replacement therapy users, and non-users.

These women were then questioned about their sexual vitality and sexual activity, using several rating scales to assess their answers.

After standardizing the results based on age, education levels, ongoing chronic diseases, and numbers and types of medications being taken, the findings were rather clear: women on hormone therapy had “significantly better sexual vitality and sexual activity” than non-users.

While this study didn’t assess any aspects of the placebo effect, gauging how taking hormone supplementation reinforces beliefs about sexual desire and performance, the positive feelings engendered by a boost to hormones can’t be discounted as an additional sexual vitality reinforcer.


“The effect of hormone therapy on the health-related quality of life in elderly women.” Evio S. Et al. Maturitas. February 2007.

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