Chronic Prostatitis? Low T? Testosterone Gels Help

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If you have low testosterone, but you were cautioned not to undergo testosterone replacement therapy out of a concern it might further inflame your chronic prostatitis, you can now rest a little more assured.
Researchers writing in the urology science journal, Urologiia, described an experiment in which 401 men with testosterone deficiency and chronic prostatitis were treated for three months with doses of 50 or 100 mg of testosterone gels. 
Not only did the testosterone therapy improve low urinary tract symptoms and the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, for nearly all of the study participants, it produced "positive changes in body weight and waist circumference."
No clinically significant adverse events (side effects) were observed after three months of treatment and subsequent follow-up visits. 
Concluded the study authors: "Transdermal therapy with 1% testosterone gel (Androgel) is highly effective and safe in the management of androgen (testosterone) deficiency." 
"Effect of transdermal testosterone on the quality of life of men with androgen deficiency and chronic prostatitis in routine clinical practice." Vinarov AZ. Et al. Urologiia. March 2018. 
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